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Because we care.


Our Rescues

NA CARES continues with its Trap-Neuter-Release projects in industrial areas.  Most of the canines and felines are returned to their original locations, and continue to be fed and monitored by our feeders.


CARES’ largest project is on Jurong Island, where NA CARES continues to be involved in TNR, and as of June 2016 jointly maintains with SOSD almost 280 dogs. Due to work safety issues, these dogs can no longer be released.  For now, neutered strays are relocated and maintained by full time workers of NA CARES and SOSD on Jurong Island.  The search is on for a more permanent site in mainland Singapore. CARES is committed to the welfare of these dogs.


CARES places a great emphasis on our street work in Singapore through Project Industrial Dogs (PID) and Project Cat Snip (PCS). Both projects seek to curb the number of strays by getting to the root of the problem – to stop the endless reproduction as well as lessen the number of strays on the streets through active sterilization.


Our small team press on, buoyed by the firm belief that with each stray spayed or neutered, many lives are inadvertently saved.


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Adoptions coming soon!



We learn through our work with the strays.  This section shares some of the lessons we have gained through interacting with stray canines and felines, some of which happily have found forever homes.


Support Us

We would appreciate your help immensely, be it in money, in kind or in effort.


About Us

NA CARES was registered in 2005 to undertake sterilization projects of both stray dogs and cats in Singapore, rehome adoptable strays, and to ensure the welfare of animals sent to Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary (NANAS) by assisting in the fund raising efforts for NANAS in Malaysia.


Since then, NA CARES has sterilized an average of 150 animals each year in Singapore, through the dedicated hard work of its Singapore volunteers and vets.


In 2015, NA CARES was asked to participate in the Trap-Neuter-Relocate project in Jurong Island, together with ASD and SOSD.  In recognition of our efforts, MCCY granted NA CARES charity status on 9.5.2016. With conferment of charitable status comes greater regulation and requirements imposed on NA CARES, and we have been asked to separate the Singapore from the Malaysian activities.


NA CARES has been re-organised to reflect its Singapore–centric activities. A new logo has been introduced so that supporters are aware that NA CARES is no longer involved with any of the Malaysian activities of NANAS.



CARES – we do; please help us make it a reality.


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