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Sponsorship Needed: Qiqi

As we celebrate our nation’s 51st birthday today, we would like to bring you a happier story – a story of one of the people who despite their limited means, care for the strays and collaborate with us in our TNR efforts.

Qiqi has been living on the streets for about five years. Her caregiver C.L. watched her grow up and but has never managed to get close enough catch her so as to send her for sterilisation. A couple of weeks ago, C.L. saw that Qiqi had a badly infected wound on the thigh of her right hind leg. After a few failed attempts, C.L. managed to trap Qiqi and so she was brought to the clinic for treatment: There was a huge pocket of pus beneath the wound so the wound was monitored for a few days, after which it was stitched up. Qiqi was also sterilised and had an umbilical hernia fixed. In all, Qiqi stayed at the clinic for close to a week before she was well enough to be released to where she came from. We are grateful that C.L. will continue to look out for her.

The total bill came was a four-digit figure. Can you help us with Qiqi’s medical bills? We would be grateful if you could email to contribute any amount.

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