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Fosterer or Forever Home Needed: Kenny

The Discovery

We spotted this black and tan boy, late one night near our usual feeding route and he was hobbling about on three legs. That same weekend, we asked workers at the factories in that area and located where he stayed. The factory employees told us that Kenny was sleeping under a forklift when the forklift driver who unfortunately did not see him, ran over his left front paw. The factory employees did try to treat him by using a splint to immobilize the injured leg and the leg did heal a little. Nevertheless, what with his running about, the wound opened up again and became infected.

The Rescue

Over at the vet clinic, the vet advised that Kenny did not seem to feel anything on his left front paw any longer. The decision to amputate the paw was aborted when the infection cleared and the wound healed, and the vet noted that the paw was not causing Kenny any pain and inconvenience. Since then Kenny has undergone a procedure called TECALBO in which his entire diseased ear canal was removed. All this treatment ensures that Kenny will be pain-free.

In Search of a Forever Home

Through all his trials, Kenny bore all the suffering and pain, and the subsequent treatment in his patient, sweet-natured way. He understood that the factory workers cared when they treated him in their own way, and not once did he resist treatment at the vet clinic. Kenny would greatly appreciate the kindness of someone opening their hearts to him and giving him a forever home.

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