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A Beautiful Story: Merlin

Merlin (MerMer) was adopted from Noah's Ark CARES when she was about 7 months old. At that time, she was afraid of everything, ranging from buses to kids! When she saw them, she would either bolt or lunge at them.

I met MerMer through my mother's friend, A, who lives across the road from us. The first time I met Merlin, she was very calm and seemed to like me, which was strange because Merlin was known to be wary of kids. As I was going through a hard time at home and in school, Merlin's owner, A, decided to let me visit her more often to try and help me cope better at home and at school. To our surprise, MerMer and I got along well and she helped me manage my feelings better. She even helped me so much that I saw a huge improvement in my studies! At home, I also started feeling better and more confident about myself.

When I was 10, A started teaching me more about how to understand and respect Merlin's feelings so that I could eventually take MerMer for walks on my own. When I first started learning to walk Merlin, I was scared that she would drag me off my feet. Slowly, I began to develop an understanding with MerMer and learned how to react to her feelings better. I then began taking Merlin for quick pee walks with A and my mother around the estate. I did this more and more often, taking her for longer and longer walks.

I remember the first time I was allowed to take MerMer across a big road by myself. When we had safely crossed the road, I felt such a sense of achievement between me and her. I finally felt that I was capable of taking her for walks on my own. A felt that she could depend on me to take Merlin for safe and decent walks, so she decided that Merlin and I could go off on our own! MerMer and I started going to places that she loves, like the Sandcrawler Building and The Tea Party Cafe for walks.

When Merlin and I go on our walks, I try to focus on her feelings and enjoy bonding with her. I let her choose her preferred route and I also look out for things that may spook her and cause her to be unhappy- for instance, if a digger is working up ahead and Merlin stops, I will get the message and promptly bring her another way. Likewise, if I do not feel like going in a particular direction, MerMer does not drag me. That way, we can cooperate with each other and have lovely walks.

I sometimes have school-related issues and am not in a good mood. Merlin can sense my mood and tries her best to perk me up because she is the best therapy dog in the world! Usually after I have walked MerMer, I am in a much better mood and more at peace with myself.

Over the years, Merlin has made a big difference in the way I behave and also in the way I feel about myself. The feeling I get when she gives me that unconditional look of love is just indescribable. So, please adopt Singapore Specials just like MerMer as they will not only fill your life with joy, but they will also bring happiness to you. Singapore Specials that do not find a home will be euthanised- therefore, for every Singapore Special that you adopt, you are saving a life.

Author: Rowan Cumming

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