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Rescue: Jackson


The Discovery

In 2015, when we started neutering dogs at Jackson’s area, Jackson’s mother had already given birth to a litter of five.  Unfortunately, all our fosterers were already inundated with young and weak pups so Fate took its course and one by one Jackson’s siblings disappeared.  We thought all was well until one evening, when Jackson squeezed out from a corner as we were about to leave. Initially, we only saw his right view which was fine. When he lifted his head from eating to look at us straight in the face, our jaws dropped. Jackson’s left eyeball was popping out of the socket and the front part of his eyeball was already brown from soil, mud and dirt sticking to the pus!


The Rescue

We looked around for the workers to ask them what happened: they told us it was caused by an adult dog. Puppies often get bullied in their quest for food and survival. We grabbed Jackson without further delay and off to the vet he went. The vet advised that an enucleation has to be done as soon as possible as there was no way to save his eye. Jackson also had a tummy full of worms – a usual scenario for street dogs. He has been treated and neutered.


In Search of a Forever Home

Jackson is shy, takes time to warm up to people.  Nevertheless, he is playful and is looking for a firm hand to guide him in adjusting to a loving forever home.

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